Reporting Area

Our No Retaliation company policy describes our provisions towards employees who file reports for harmful, discriminatory or unethical behaviours. Whether accusations are true or false, our company wants to prevent victimization and other retaliatory behavior towards the employee. We believe it’s important that employees aren’t afraid to speak up about any issues. It’s to our company’s benefit to resolve them as soon as possible.


An environment of fear can only be harmful in the long run.


We’ll follow all legal prohibitions for retaliation and will grant employees the right to speak about misconduct. At any case, we will make an effort to preserve legality and business ethics.


There for we have developed a simple process to report the good, the bad and everything between 

Management E- forms

1- Why not let us know if we have done something good or great. - Click here

2- Let us know if we have not met your expectations. - Click here

3- Do you have an idea for change let us know. - Click here

4- Do you have any issues with your employer you wish us to address? - Click here

Assessment  E-forms

1- Let us know if you need additional support - Click here

2- Do you need a Reasonable adjustment for an Exam? - Click here

3- Do you need to book your exam? - Click here

4- Why not give us direct feedback on your teacher? - Click here

5- Do you need to put your learning on hold?- Let us know - Click here

6- Have you changed any of your basic information? - Click here

7- Tell us how you want us to manage your data and share it - Click here

8- Let us know if you want to see your records under FOI act - Click here

9- After a session please carry out a self - reflection tool - Click here


Serious reporting

1 - Do you need to tell us about a safeguarding incident - Click here

2 - Do you feel that your rights around equality have not been heard - Click here

3- Do you need to tell us about a Health and Safety Issue at work? - Click here

4 - Do you have any worries or issues around Prevent that you need to tell us? - Click here

5 - Do you need to report an Malpractice issues? - Click here

6- Do you feel that your previous concerns have not been resolved - Click here