Level 3 Software Development Technician

Getting in

We would carry out a welcome meeting with the training provider/Employer to carry out a business needs meeting and agree the cost of the service and contract. There is no need for registration as we are not an awarding organisation.


We would provide you with the support tools and offer a free review of your teaching and learning support tools to ensure they will provide the best chance of passing our End-point assessment. 

Getting on

It's easy. We would carry out the Gateway Meeting, this is normally 3 months before the end point assessment takes place.


Gateway Review of all the necessary evidence that you have uploaded to your client portal.


The training provider compiles a summative portfolio and collates an employer reference for the apprentice.

We will agree the date, time and place for the assessment subject to the IEPA confirming the Evidence is VARCS then the Apprentice, provider and employer agree they are ready for End-Point Assessment (EPA) and sign the gateway application form.

Getting Off


Assessment Window


  • 10 working days prior to start date of project signed and completed Gateway form submitted to ECQN.

  • Mock Assessment tools will be provide & will be encouraged to complete.

  • The synoptic project will be sent to the training provider or employer 5 working days before the assessment is due to take place.

  • Confirmation email will be sent 2 days before the agreed assessment date to confirm the venue will be fit for purpose and in line with our requirements.

  • On the day of the assessment the learner will be provided with the project and this typically should take between 3 and 5 working days.

  • The completed assessment must be uploaded in the client portal area on the deadline date and time agreed or this will be recorded as a fail.

  • All the necessary documentation Invigilation and declarations must also be uploaded to the client portal.

  • The independent end-point assessor will review the evidence provided and will carry out the agreed Interview within 5 working days, most interviews are 60 - 90 minutes in length.


Once all the evidence has been uploaded to the client portal Including the interview This will be passed to internal verification and the grade confirmed.  ECQN will confirm the final grade to training provider within 5 working days. 

NB: providers have 7 days to appeal the grading.

On Friday each week we will submit a certification claim to the ESFA by 4.00pm anything after this time will be processed the week after.

The ESFA sends the certificate to the employer by post.

Employer issues the certificate to the apprentice.

We aim to have this process completed within 25 working days from starting the assessment to notifying the ESFA.

Subject to a resit/retake