End Point Assessment Provider West Midlands

Looking for an End Point Assessment Organisation in

West Midlands?

ECQN, or, The Education and Care Qualification Network is an independent End Point Assessment (EPA) Provider in West Midlands. Our organisation seeks to provide EPA services for apprentices, students and even employers in the fields of Information Technology, and Health and Social Care. Studying these subjects calls for a lot of patience and dedication. Most of the times, these are again insufficient, which is where we come in. 


At Education and Care Qualification Network, we guarantee that you meet all the requirements for your final interview through rigorous training, tests and a series of other programs that will not only ready you for exams but also ensure that you prove your ability for the job of your dreams. For employers and other training institutions, we guarantee the best apprentices through our meticulous end point assessment process. 

Why Should You Hire An End Point Assessment Organisation In West Midlands?

There are specific standards that need to be met in the health and social care industry. Likewise, the field Information Technology is very demanding when establishing the right skills, and competence. As such, End Point Assessments can be very hefty and involving. Simply put, it is not a job for every Tom, Dick and Harry, but luckily, with a proficient EPA Organisation West Midlands, the job can be done with utmost efficiency and prowess. At ECQN, we can help you achieve success through our adept training programs and learning tools.

What Assistance Do We Provide You With?

Our End Point Assessment Services West Midlands include assistance in:


  • Understanding key roles and responsibilities. These are contained in a handbook that contains the ESFA Regulations. It is the first item we will hand over to you. 

  • After going through the handbook, you will be assigned a contracts manager who will plan the end point assessment process for you. Your contracts manager will always be within reach to assist you all round the clock. 

  • One of or contract managers will then review your learning tools, and while at it tackle common tricks and set standards expected during the assessment process to make sure you meet all requirements in the future. 

  •  The service provider will then offer a mockup needs assessment through the Employer's Portal before you complete your Employer SLA. 

  • Following confirmation on the portal, you can either proceed to pay your invoices, or book appointments or a couple of other things that you could do form the comfort of your PC.


Why Use ECQN?

With ECQN, you won't have to undergo different processes at different stages. All you need to do is select your delivery model as an apprentice, trainer or an employer, and leave the rest to us. Assessment processes vary depending on the chosen model, but whichever model is chosen, you are guaranteed results. We can help you cover all the difficult topics to be fully ready for your exams, and help you navigate through the Employer Portal page on the exam website. This way, you meet all the End Point Assessment Standards, and End Point Assessment grading requirements. 


Besides the West Midlands, we also offer our services to residents and companies in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Wales, Scotland, and Birmingham. Contact us to get the best of the best in the EPA world!

Our Approved Standards 
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