End Point Assessment Provider Wales

Looking for an End Point Assessment Organisation in Wales?

The Education and Care Qualification Network is an independent organisation whose aim is to deliver end point assessments in health and social care as well as information technology throughout Wales. Time and dedication are required when studying these subjects. At Education and Care Qualification Network, we make sure that you are able to pass your examination during your first attempt. Through vigorous training, we see to it that not only do you pass your exam but also meet requirements for your final interview. 


Is There A Need To Hire An End Point Assessment Provider In Wales? 

Health and social care and information technology are two very critical sectors that need end point assessment services in Wales. The management of end point assessment isn't a walk in the park. It's a demanding task. Luckily, at the Education and Care Qualification Network, we can help you achieve success through the learning tools and training programs that we provide. 


What Assistance Do We Provide You With?

Assistance can be provided by our end point assessment provider Wales expert in the following areas:


• Your roles and responsibilities are usually highlighted in a handbook. This is the first item that we'll hand over to you. The funding regulations of the ESFA are contained in this handbook. 


• Assigning you with your contracts manager is the next process that we oversee after you've gone through the handbook. Planning of various end point assessment processes will be done at this stage. The exceptional customer service that we provide ensures that you can easily reach out to a contracts manager.


• Reviews will be conducted on your learning tools by one of our contracts managers. The tricks applied in end point assessment will also be tackled as well as how you should meet several standards during the assessment process. 


• A mockup needs assessment will be provided by the service provider. It is crucial when completing your Employer SLA. This is done through the Employer Portal. 


• After receiving a confirmation on the portal, there are various things that you can proceed to do right from your PC including booking appointments and paying invoices.


The main reason why you should opt for us as your end point assessment provider Wales is since there is no need of undergoing different processes at different stages. The only job for you is the selection of the delivery model be it for an employer, a trainer or an apprentice. We handle everything else from there. 


The assessment that is assigned depends on the model that is chosen. The assessment process isn't always the same. It varies from one model to another. All the other processes such as obtaining a handbook and reaching out to one of our contracts managers remain the same. This also applies to the mockup needs assessment.            


The Education and Care Qualification Network provides assessments in the fields of health and social care and information technology. We are fully approved to provide these services. At ECQN, we are confident in the services that we provide. We help our students to learn difficult topics in the least time possible for them to pass with flying colours.


In addition to making you exam-ready, we also help you navigate through the Employer Portal page on the exam website. Apart from Wales, we also cover ScotlandBirmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and London. You can contact us whenever you need any help regarding end point assessments.

Our Approved Standards 
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What the government says?

According to the government legislation in London, only a separate training provider and employer can deliver an end point assessment. There is no such thing as in-house end point assessment or anything like that. So, you need to get in touch with a registered organisation that provides end point assessment. ECQN, for one, is one organisation that you can trust without any second thought. These companies ensure that your end point assessments are comparable, reliable, valid, manageable, and most importantly, minimises any business.