End Point Assessment Provider Scotland

Why Do You Need an End Point Assessment Provider

It is not easy to pass an exam on health and social care or information technology. You need to dedicate a lot of time and patience to learn different topics based on these subjects. At Education and Care Qualification Network, we help you crack the exam in your first attempt. We train you thoroughly so that you not only pass the test but also qualify for your final interview.


Allow us to guide you to success through our training programs and learning tools.

What We Provide


We understand how the exam on information technology and health and social care takes place. ECQN has many experts who can help you prepare for the test and interview so that you can pass with flying colors. We provide you with the necessary tools and learning materials that will improve your chances of passing the end point assessment. ECQN understands that these tests are different for different job roles. Hence we have different training tools for employers, apprentices, and training providers.


How We Work 


At ECQN, you can expect premium services when it comes to offering end point assessment services. We provide high-quality training that focuses on questions that are most likely to come up in your final assessment. 


Our training starts from scratch. That means you will come to know the funding rules of the ESFA in detail. Our handbook explains all these details and also your job role and responsibilities. We will set up an appointment with one of our contracts manager after you understand the rules of the ESFA. He/she will discuss the plan and training program for your end point assessment. The assessment is a long process. Your contracts manager will set up frequent meetings to discuss your next objective. 


We follow a goal-oriented approach in our training program, aiming to help students learn the most difficult topics in the least amount of time. Our first objective is to acquaint you with various types of questions on information technology and health and social care. You will find many tricky questions in our handbook that will give an idea about the questions you can expect in the final test. Your manager will discuss these questions in detail and also provide additional learning materials.


Our next objective is to help you focus on complicated questions. In this stage, your manager will explain the critical questions, thus making it easier for you to prepare for the test. We will also set up a mockup test so that you get an idea of how you may feel during the day of the test. ECQN is here to make you ready for the final day so that you don’t fail. We will put all the effort we can through mockup tests, learning materials, and personal guidance to help you pass at any cost. 


In addition to making you exam-ready, we also help you navigate through the Employer Portal page on the exam website. Apart from Scotland, we also cover Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and London. You can contact us whenever you need any help regarding end point assessments.

Our Approved Standards 
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What the government says?

According to the government legislation in London, only a separate training provider and employer can deliver an end point assessment. There is no such thing as in-house end point assessment or anything like that. So, you need to get in touch with a registered organisation that provides end point assessment. ECQN, for one, is one organisation that you can trust without any second thought. These companies ensure that your end point assessments are comparable, reliable, valid, manageable, and most importantly, minimises any business.