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The Importance of Hiring End Point Assessment Experts?

Two of the most important sectors that require end point assessment service are information technology and health and social care. But, it is a very challenging task to manage end point assessment without taking help from a professional. Fortunately, there are several companies in London that can help you out with this. 


Help for the training provider


An End Point Assessment Provider London professional can help a trainer with various things:


  • First, you get a handbook that outlines your roles and responsibilities. It will have all the details regarding the ESFA funding rules.

  • Once you go through the handbook, you will get your contracts manager. He/she will help to plan different end point assessment processes. Thanks to the top-class customer service, you will not have to think about failing to get in touch with a contract manager.

  • The contract manager will review all the learning tools and also explain the nuances of end point assessment. You need to meet several standards of the assessment process.

  • The service provider will arrange a mockup needs assessment. It is essential to fill out the Employer SLA using the Employer Portal.

  • Once you get a confirmation on the portal, you can pay invoices, book appointments, and do a variety of other things right from your desktop.


The advantage of having an End Point Assessment Provider London expert is you don’t have to go through different processes at different levels. All you need to do is select a delivery model, such as for trainer, employer, or apprentice. The assessment will change depending on the model you choose. Although the overall process of getting a handbook, contacting contracts manager, and everything else remains same, the assessment process varies.

What the government says?


According to the government legislation in London, only a separate training provider and employer can deliver an end point assessment. There is no such thing as in-house end point assessment or anything like that. So, you need to get in touch with a registered organisation that provides end point assessment. ECQN, for one, is one organisation that you can trust without any second thought. These companies ensure that your end point assessments are comparable, reliable, valid, manageable, and most importantly, minimises any business.


It is mandatory for an apprentice to take the end point assessment during his/her on-programme stage while completing the apprenticeship. The service provider will talk the apprentice through the entire process. He/she needs to follow a Gateway process before ending their apprenticeship. This is the last stage before they encounter their final assessment. The employer is the best person to decide whether the apprentice is ready to face the practical and knowledge capabilities.


The final assessment makes sure that the apprentice is the perfect person for the job. He/she may have gone through months of training. This is the time to prove what they learned for so many days. And the end point assessment provider helps the apprentice to cross this final hurdle with flying colours.

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