End Point Assessment Provider Birmingham

What to Expect From An End Point Assessment Provider

As the leading end point assessment organisation in Birmingham, ECQN provide end point assessment in both information technology and health and social care. Most people question whether it is essential to hire a professional for this service. Well, yes. Both these sectors require end point assessment services, and it would become a challenge to manage the assessment if you don’t get professional help. Fortunately, you have the best end point assessment provider Birmingham to help you at every stage.


We can help you with a variety of things, such as:


  • You will get a handbook explaining all your responsibilities and roles. The handbook also has all the details regarding the funding rules of the ESFA. 

  • We will hook you up with your contracts manager once you finish going through the handbook. The contracts manager will help you come up with a plan regarding various end point assessment processes. Our unmatched customer service makes sure that a contracts manager gets in touch with you quickly after you read the handbook.

  • The contracts manager will also review all your learning tools. He/she will explain some of the tricks of end point assessment and the standards that you need to meet during the assessment process.

  • We will also arrange for a mockup needs assessment. This will help you fill out your Employer SLA from the Employer Portal.

  • You can book appointments and pay invoices once the portal confirms your SLA. 


Probably the biggest reason why you should hire an end point assessment provider Birmingham is you will not have to worry about different process during different assessment levels. The only thing that you have to do is select your preferred delivery model like employer, apprentice, or trainer. ECQN will take care of the rest. The type of assessment will change, depending on the model you chose. However, the other processes, such as getting the handbook, meeting your contracts manager, and sitting for the mockup remains the same.


Once an apprentice gets full training for his/her job, they need to complete a few tests to prove that they are fully qualified for the job profile. This is the end-point assessment that matters the most. Your end-point assessment must be delivered by someone who is not a training provider or employer. So, your best choice is to prepare for the test thoroughly. ECQN will provide you with all the study materials and guidance to make sure you pass the assessment in your first attempt.


The Education and Care Qualification Network Ltd is fully approved to offer assessments both for information technology and health and social care fields. Once you finish the mockup assessment, we will provide feedback regarding the entire process. Depending on your results, you can decide which area to focus. It is almost like preparing for any other exam. We try to make your mockup assessments look like real ones so that you don’t stutter or stammer in the final cut. Our organisation is confident that with our service, you will pass the assessment with flying colours.

Our Approved Standards 
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