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End-point assessment (EPA) signifies one of the biggest apprenticeship reforms in recent times, and will constitute a large part of the new Trailblazer approach.

Government legislation states that EPAs must be delivered by a separate body to the employer and training provider.

As a registered End Point Assessment organisation, ECQN is responsible for ensuring that Assessments are valid, reliable, comparable, manageable and minimise bias

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 (EPA) signifies one of the biggest apprenticeship reforms in recent times, and will constitute a large part of the new Trailblazer approach.

An EPA is the final assessment that a apprentice will undertake during their on-programme stage of the apprenticeship.

At the end of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will go through a Gateway process. This is where they will be signed-off by their employer as Ready for a final assessment. An employer will decide if the apprentice is ready to be assessed on their Knowledge and practical capabilities.

The Final assessment for the apprentice is to ensure that they can do the job that they have been training for and will demonstrate that what they have been learning can be applied in the work place.

The EPA will be undertaken via a range of techniques – from Professional Discussions, Examinations,Situational Judgement Tests  and Written Project Work.

The EPA must be achieved before an apprenticeship certificate can be issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this feature, we are going to answer the question lingering on most apprentices, why do I need end point assessment? 



●    What Is An End Point Assessment ? 


End Point Assessment (EPA) is the name given for a series of tests that an apprentice must do in order to ascertain that they now have the ability to do a said job. The tests are done after the apprentice has gone through a series of trainings and development for a period of time. This time of training is called the 'on programme' period. Some standard based apprenticeship requires apprentices to meet certain requirements before doing the EPA. This may include supporting qualifications. The employer will sign off the apprentice as ready to do the EPA. This decision process is what is known as 'the gateway. 


●    Who Pays For The EPA ?


If you pay the apprenticeship levy, then the government will make the funds available to you. The training provider usually managed the payment of the funds to the End Point Assessment Organization (EPAO). The cost of the EPA should not go beyond 20% of the upper limit of the funding band. 


●    What Is An End Point Assessment For Apprenticeships ?


This is the final test that the apprentices on the apprenticeship have to do. This test is used to test their knowledge about the industry and various skills they possess. The test is used to determine if the apprentice has caught on and that they are are responding positively to the training. The EPA will take your learner through a series of tests and across a range of disciplines. 


●    What Is The Function Of The Assessment ?


This test is used to determine and make a learner qualified to do the task they have been training for. The test is used to ascertain that the apprentice has understood and can put into practice what they have learned. It tests the broad knowledge of a discipline and of a learner passes the test, they are then deemed qualified. Its main function is to test for qualifications. 


●    How Much Does EPA Cost ?


The cost of an EPA is varied and is determined by a number of factors. These factors include: 

●    The time in which an independent examiner is needed 

●    The type of assessment to be done 

●    The location where assessment will be done 

●    Number of people doing the test at the same time


●    Can Employers Charge Employees Who Leave ?


An employer cannot charge an apprentice who leaves before they are assessed. The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) made it clear that no employer should claim. Any training or assessment costs if an apprentice leaves early. 


●    Do Employers Get Paid For Having An Apprentice ?


An employer does not get paid for offering training. 


●    Does The Government Pay For Apprenticeships ?


If an employer pays an apprenticeship levy, then the government usually pays for the training fees of the apprentice. The government sets an upper limit cap on the amount an employer can use for training based on how much they pay for apprenticeship levy