Accreditation - ISO 

1 ISO 9001 2015.PNG

Quality Management Systems

This standard for quality management is probably the most well known standard in the world. ISO 9000 standards are implemented by some 610 000 organisations in 160 countries. ISO 9001 has become an international reference for quality management requirements in business-to-business dealings

3 ISO 27031 2011.PNG

Information Technology 

Defines the concepts and principles of information and communication technology (ICT) readiness for business continuity, and provides a framework of methods and processes to identify and specify all aspects

5 ISO 27000 2018.PNG

Information Security Management

Provides the overview of information security management systems (ISMS). It also provides terms and definitions commonly used in the ISMS family of standards. This standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organisation.

2 ISO 45001.PNG

Health and Safety

The standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management System provides a framework for managing health and safety responsibilities so they become more efficient. ISO 45001 involves the process of achieving continuously improved performance and complying with legislation.

4 ISO 30405 2016.PNG

Human Resource Management

Provides guidance on how to attract, source, assess and recruit people. It focuses on key processes and practices, including recruitment policy development; the flow from the sourcing of potential applicants to the boarding of new recruits.

6 ISO 14001 2015.PNG

Environmental Management Systems

The intention of ISO 14001 is to provide a framework for an overall, strategic approach to your organization's environmental policy, plans and actions.

An organisation meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 is able to control the environmental impact of its activities and continually improve its environmental performance.